VWU’s delegation attends WIDF’s Executive Committee Meeting in Portugal

The 14th Congress of Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF) will be held in Venezuela in 2007 with the slogan “Women of the world - a vital force against neo-liberal globalization, imperialism, terrorism and wars for equality, economic and social justice, and peace”.

At the invitation of WIDF and Portuguese Democratic Women’s Movement (MDM), VWU’s delegation led by Madame Truong Thi Khue, Vice – President, had attended the WIDF Executive Committee Meeting in Alcochete, Portugal, from 22nd till 26thof April 2006.


Attending the Meeting were 19/29 Executive Committee member organizations of WIDF, representing nearly 600 affiliate member organizations from all regions over the world. The Asian Pacific region was presented by 3 organizations: Vietnam Women’s Union, National Federation of Indian Women and GABRIELA of the Philippines who is now holding the coordinating role in the region.


The meeting played a meaningful significance as discussion o­n some major issues for the 14th WIDF Congress, which is scheduled in 2007 were discussed.


Participants highlighted difficulties and challenges in the activities of their own organizations and the women’smovement in different countries such as: political instability, armed conflict, war, poverty, violence, sexual abuse to name a few. It also focused o­n discussion of the works for WIDF Congress.


The meeting came to the conclusion that the WIDF Congress will convoke its 14th Congress in Venezuela in 2007 with the slogan, “Women of the world - vital forces against neo-liberal globalization, imperialism, terrorism and wars for equality, economic and social justice, and peace”. 10 themes are expected to be discussed at the Congress, reflecting women’s concerns from all regions: impacts of globalization, imperialism, terrorism, and war o­n women; women’s rights to healthcare, education, work, culture, social security; prevention of trafficking o­n women and children, role of WIDF in defending women’s rights, national independence, social justice, democracy and peace.


The meeting also approved the Resolution expressing WIDF’s support and solidarity to people and women of countries who are fighting for national independence, territorial sovereignty, human and democracy rights. WIDF also continued its support to the Vietnamese Agent Orange Victims and to the Vietnamese objection against the imposing of EC’s anti-dumping tariffs against Vietnamese footwear. The next meeting of WIDF Executive Committee will be held in Germany from the 1st till the 6th, November 2006, to prepare for the 14th WIDF Congress.


During the visit to Portugal, the VWU’s delegation has attended all plenary sessions, workshops, regional meetings and outside activities held by the hosting organization.


At the meeting, Madame Truong Thi Khue highly appreciated the efforts made by the hosting organization in making the meeting a successful o­ne and informed delegates about the 10th Vietnamese Communist Party Congress, the organization of Women’s Congress at different levels, towards the 10th National Women’s Congress (in March, 2007), drafting process of the Gender Equality Law. o­n this occasion, VWU has stated to support USD 2000 to WIDF 14th Congress.

Minh Hang
Int’l Relations Department