VWU to support women’s start-up in context of Covid-19 pandemic

In recent time, the Women’s Union at all levels has conducted many programs, activities to accompany with women in realizing their start-up dream in the context of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

Since launching the 2021 Women's Start-up Contest, the Central of Vietnam Women’s Union had developed different video clips, communication documents on the mass media to encourage eligible women’s participation.

At the same time, the Central of VWU has shifted from face-to-face to online training to ensure women business plan completion. The training enables idea/project owners of the first round to improve their presentation skills, start-up knowledge and financial management.

On May 20 & 21, 2021, the Central of VWU organized a training for 76 project proposal/idea owners from 17 provinces that met all requirements, criteria and being selected to participate in the upcoming Regional Women's Start-up Contest in Ha Tinh province. The training covered following topics: completing the business model, SWOT analysis, identifying their customers; building value stream map, prioritizing current needs…

2-day online training for women’s start-up in 17 provinces and cities in May 2021.

Activities to support women's start-up of VWU at all levels.

To implement the Government "dual goal" of both effectively controlling the epidemic and maintaining economic growth, the WU of provinces/cities actively organized a number of practical activities to support women starting up their business, such as loan provision with preferential interest rates, training for development of their business plan; conducting seminars or forums to exchange experiences and connecting product consumption. Specifically, holding the final round of "2021 Contest of Start-up Ideas and Products" by Thanh Hoa WU, organizing the Creative Start-ups Festival Day by Quang Nam WU, connecting women entrepreneurs and setting up mobile markets in apartment building by Hanoi WU, launching a shop to introduce fresh agricultural products and food by Hoa Binh WU...

The 2021 Women's Start-up Contest has received 1,549 project proposals/ideas, in which the area of agriculture, forestry - fishery - food processing accounting for the highest proportion of 54%; service sector of 20%; handicrafts sector of 11%; technology (biology, environment) 2% and others 13%.

Among 1,549 project proposals/ideas, businesses make up 14%, cooperatives 15%, poverty reduction models 32%, 21% are women prisoners that had been released during the first four months of 2021 and women reintegrating into community, 11% of TYM members business households, 5% of women with disabilities, and 1% of women affected by HIV.


Translated by VWU International Relations Department