Women in Tuyen Quang town to expand production

During 2001 – 2006 term, the Women’s Union of Tuyen Quang town has implemented effective programs to support women in economic development.

The Women’s Union of Tuyen Quang town has done the collateral to lend more than 33 billion VND to 8,394 members. This money will be used to help them expand production and establish 620 credit and saving women’s groups with the saving fund of 1.8 billion VND, provided to 4,800 women to develop their household economy. As a result, 871 economic models have been set up and the average monthly income of members reached 525,000VND/person.

In this period, the Women’s Union of Tuyen Quang maintained the quota of 100% of poor women to receive loans from the saving groups: follow the process for agricultural production, apply new varieties to increase productivity, participate in the crafts industry with an expectation of 2,400 households to have traditional occupations such as rattan knitting, broom making, lacquer and other occupations; maintain and build up 50 economic models which give an annual income of 40 million VND and above; build traditional and handicrafts training bases for women and strive to reach the number of 755 well-to-do families.


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Translated by VWU Intl Relations Dept