Women’s Unions of Quang Nam, Laos’ Sekong foster cooperation

Quang Nam (VNA) – Representatives of the Women’s Unions of the central province of Quang Nam and Laos’ Sekong province held talks in Quang Nam on August 14 to discuss measures to foster cooperation in women movements.
The two sides briefed each other o­n operations and development of each union.

Under their cooperation in the 2016-2018 period, the unions have made considerable contributions to preserving and fostering the solidarity between people of the two localities.

The agreement focuses o­n encouraging members of the unions and women along the border to strictly implement the treaty o­n border regulations between Vietnam and Laos, not to conduct free migration and undocumented marriage, and actively join hands in safeguarding national sovereignty and border security.

The Women’s Unions of Quang Nam and Sekong have worked together to build houses for poor women of Sekong, while presenting laptops and scholarships to Lao students studying in Quang Nam University with good academic performance.

The two sides also shared experience in launching and developing women’s movements, especially those in strengthening the union, economic development, poverty reduction, and building happy families.

The two unions agreed to continue implementing the contents in their cooperation agreement, while focusing o­n promoting communications to call o­n locals and women along the Vietnam-Laos border to abide by the treaty o­n border regulations between the two countries.

The Women’s Union of Quang Nam will continue building houses for poor women in Sekong and offering scholarships to Lao students in Quang Nam.-VNA