Working visit to the People’s Republic of China

The Vietnam Women Union delegation headed by Mme. Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh – Alternative member of the Party Central Committee, Standing Vice President of the Vietnam Women’s Union paid a working visit to China during April 5th -10th, 2009.

During the stay in China, the delegation visited 3 places including Women’s Center under the All-China’s Women Federation – a 5 star hotel with similar functions as those of the Center for Women & Development under the Vietnam Women’s Union; Vocational Training Center of Tianjin Women and Guangxi Hotel.


Upon visiting the All-China Women’s Federation, Mme. Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh emphasized the importance to enhance the relationship between the VWU and the All-China Women’s Federation. Particularly, in the context of the two countries preparing for Vietnam-China Friendship Year 2010, the two organizations should exchange more activities for women such as organization of study tours, cultural exchanges between 10 boder provinces of the two countries…


Being at theVocational Training Center of Tianjin Women, the delegation was so impressed at its abundant training activities. Two of the most successful models organized by the center are “Family Service Company” and “Manual Weaving Association” with the participation of 180 manual weaving enterprises in the province. By coordinating production activities, regularly organizing product shows in order to attract/obtain more orders for its members and expanding the market through promotion activities,…the Association has brought about 400million renminbi every year. With its plentiful activities, theVocational Training Center of Tianjin Women has been working more and more effectively and attracted the participation of many women.


The delegation has ended the visit successfully with more experience and insights gained. Besides, the visit has opened a new approach for the VWU in directing its capacity building activities for local women’s unions. The visit also contributes to enhancing and developing the relationship between the two countries in general and the two women’s organizations in particular.


By Le Phuong Thuy – Center for Women & Development