• Training to improve knowledge of ethnic and religion work.

    On 8th November, the Central VWU organized training for its leaders, carders in all departments and members to strengthen their knowledge and skills in ethnic communities and religious work.

  • The Provincial Women's Union of Gia Lai Program Accomplishments

    Despite of the difficulty that nearly 30% of the local women are in ethnic minorities, the Provincial Women's Union of Gia Lai has actively supported and promoted the national tradition of mutual affection.
  • Chilean President expresses admiration to Vietnamese women

    Chilean President expressed her admiration to the Vietnamese women for their great contributions and the sacrifices they have made when she met around 400 local woman leaders at the Centre for Women and Development in Hanoi on Nov. 18.
  • First China-ASEAN women's forum held

    A Vietnamese women's delegation led by Ha Thi Khiet, chairwoman of the Vietnam Women's Union, attended the first China-ASEAN women's forum, which was held in Guangxi province, China from October 30-November 3.
  • TYM Fund (Affection Fund) organized a Seminar on monitoring and solving repayment problems

    In the frame work of the jointed project between the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU), Saving Bank Foundation for International Cooperation of Germany and CARD (Philippine), a seminar of experience exchange in monitoring and solving repayment problems was organized by TYM Fund, in Hanoi, from 14th to 15th, August 2006.

  • The First Training Course Of “100 Women Directors” Program Finished

    This is the first training course of “100 women directors” program – A newly test program within “Enhancing capacity for women” project sponsored by Holland government.

  • President of Laos Women’s Union visited Vietnam Women’s Union

    After the successful “Two Sisters” live television program, on the 76th anniversary of Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU), towards the celebration of 45 years of Vietnam – Lao diplomatic relation and the 30 years of Vietnam – Lao Friendship and Cooperation Agreement, President of Laos Women’s Union – Mme. Sisay Leudethmounsone paid a visit to Vietnam and the VWU (23rd – 27th Oct.2006).
  • The Thai Binh Provincial Women’s Union delivered 500 wheelchairs donated by LDSC to the disabled

    On the morning of June 3rd 2006, the Thai Binh Provincial Women’s Union together with the Thai Binh Association Of Assistance To The Disabled And The Orphans organized a ceremony to hand over 500 wheelchairs donated by the Latter-day Saint Charities (LDSC) with the support of Vietnam Women’s Union to the local recipients. Attending the ceremony were representatives of related agencies in Thai Binh and Vietnam Women’s Union.
  • 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner’s heart for Vietnam

    As news agencies reported that the Norwegian Nobel Committee had decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize 2006 to Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank, though it was midnight, many people who are working for hunger eradication and poverty alleviation organisations in Vietnam informed each other about this good news. That’s because Muhammad Yunus has had a strong attachment to Vietnam for more than a decade.
  • Hanoi Women’s Union holds 13th Congress

    Over the past five years, the union has encouraged municipal women to overcome difficulties and challenges, to make the best of advantages and new opportunities and to boost emulation movements for successful implementation of the resolutions adopted at the Union’s 12th Congress.