• Women make up 25.76% of the law making body

    493 deputies from all walks of life were elected to the 12th National Assembly following the country’s May 20 polls, said Elections Council Secretary General Bui Ngoc Thanh, who is also a member of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, announced the poll’s result at a press briefing on May 29, stating that tertiary educated deputies make up the backbone of the new legislature as virtually all hold either graduate or post graduate degrees (62.68 percent and 33.27 percent, respectively).
  • Well-behaved children lauded

    Speaking at a ceremony in honor of children who behave well toward their parents, President of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front (VFF) Pham The Duyet applauded their good behavior, calling them model Vietnamese citizens.
  • Artist Huong Thanh: Vietnam folk-music ambassador in Europe

    Artist Huong Thanh, an overseas Vietnamese in France, has recently been awarded a traditional music by France Musique which has followed this Vietnamese native artist’s art road for 10 years now.

  • Understanding HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination in Vietnam

    From August 2002 through January 2004, the Institute for Social Development Studies and the International Center for Research on Women conducted research on HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination in two Vietnamese cities: Can Tho and Hai Phong.
  • Development imperils Viet Nam’s World Heritage sites: UNESCO

    Viet Nam’s Hue and Ha Long Bay have been included on a list of 130 World Heritage sites encountering critical preservation issues, the UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has said.
  • Vietnam’s population growth under control

    Vietnam’s population growth is under control, Dr. Nguyen Ba Thuy, deputy chairman of the Vietnam Committee for Population, Family and Children announced at a press briefing in Hanoi, on July 5, to mark the World Population Day (July 11).

  • Vietnam Praised for Efforts Against Gender Discrimination

    An official of the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) said the UN has praised the Vietnamese Government’s endeavors in completing legal safeguards toward eliminating discrimination against women.
  • Variation in Ao Dai

    The Ao Dai is the traditional attire of Vietnamese women – through the ups and downs of historical periods, the Ao Dai has seen many changes in materials and styles to meet the taste of the wearers.

  • Vietnamese designer rules fashion world

    Ten years ago, fashion designer Ngo Thai Uyen burst on the trend-making scene by winning an award at the fashion connections contest in Singapore.
  • Vietnamese “Ao Dai” embarks on another journey

    The Vietnamese “Ao Dai”, or long dress, has become famous throughout the world through various cultural performances. Over the past 2 years, the dress has taken on a new duty, in a new adventure.

  • Bringing into play elderly people's potentials

    The Elderly People's Associations at all levels have been strengthened and developed in all aspects to deserve the eighteen gold words " Aged People with Stronger Will Setting Bright Example for the Cause of National Construction and Defence" which were presented by the Party Central Committee's Secretariat to the Vietnamese Elderly People's Association at its second congress in 2001.
  • Women approve of new gender law, but inequality still rampant

    Viet Nam’s new Law on Gender Equality, to take effect in July, would greatly improve the advancement of women, said the head of the National Committee for the Advancement of Women in Viet Nam (NCFAW), Ha Thi Khiet.
  • Vietnam lawmakers back women’s equality

    A Vietnamese parliamentary committee, which discussed the Gender Equality Bill Thursday, expressed support for removing the disparity in retirement ages for men and women.
  • Malaysia Newspaper praises Vietnam’s economic development.

    Hanoi (Vietnam News agency) – Malaysia Star Newspaper on 1st January carried the article “A story of successful economic development”, praising Vietnam’s market-oriented economy as “a silent burst” with a continuous high growth for many years
  • Training on gender knowledge and gender mainstreaming in policy formulation to support the development of women enterprises and private sector

    Within the project component “ Capacity building for the formulation policy recommendations” funded by Netherlands, at the end of August and early September 2005, Vietnam Women’s Union conducted 3 training courses on “Training on gender knowledge and gender mainstreaming in policy formulation to support the development of women enterprises and private sector” for 130 WU’s officers at provincial and central levels.
  • Give women a real appreciation but not privilege

    The speech made by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hoai Thu, member of the Central Party, Chairman of the Committee of Social Affairs at the talk with the leaders from ministries, central agencies and organizations on the occasion of the 75th anniversary celebration of Vietnam Women’s Union.
  • Vietnam sees great advances in gender equality

    Vietnam has made great advances to ensure gender equality, according to the United Nations on the occasion of the World Population Day July 11 which focuses particularly on gender equality.
  • New law for gender equality will raise social awareness

    On the occasion of a drafting workshop for the law for gender equality, VWR talks with Mme Nguyen Thi Hoai Thu, chairwomen of national assembly’s committee of social affairs
  • Changing/providing land use certificates with names of both wife and husband

    In the past, a Land use certificate (LUC) granted to a household was typically written with the name of the head of the family as the household reppreventative instead of names of both spouses. in most cases, husbands are the heads of families and only their names are written in the LUCs. This to some extent negatively influences women's equity in terms of their rights and benefits as land users. Also, women have a less decisive voice in land related matters in their families.
  • Workshop on achieving gender equality and Women’s rights organized by UNIFEM CEDAW SEAP

    HA NOI, July 21 , 2005 - The UNIFEM CEDAW South East Asia Program (SEAP) is organizing a multi-stakeholder workshop in Vietnam with the objective of raising awareness about the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and women's human rights. The workshop takes place on 21 - 22 July at Thang Loi hotel, Hanoi.
  • The Workshop on development of legislative regulations on gender equality in the field of economics.

    In order to open the forum for sharing and exchange ideas on policy, law and gender equality practices in the field of economics, and to support the Drafting Law Committee and the working group of Gender Equality Law getting more information, both practical and theoretical for analyzing and building appropriate and feasible regulations for Gender equality, in the field of economics, the Central Vietnam Women’s Union organized the Workshop “Development of legislative regulations on gender equality in field of economics” on the 6th and 7th of June.
  • Ho Chi Minh City: Workshop to contribute to the Draft of Gender Equality Law

    In the Morning of June 30th., the Women’s Union in Ho Chi Minh City and the Committee for the Advancement of Women of Ho Chi Minh City organized a workshop to contribute comments and ideas for the draft of Gender Equality Law. Other participants included representatives from the National Assembly Members Delegation, City branches, City units and services, social-study Centers and female scientists.
  • Vietnam ranks 87/144 countries on Gender Development Index

    The topic of World Population Day on the 11th July of this yearwas “Gender Equality”, Vietnam is making good progress: 92% of school age girls are going to school and mother and infant mortality rate is going down.