‘Another Vietnam’ photo exhibition opens in Japan

A photo exhibition entitled ‘Another Vietnam’ opened in Tokyo on January 14 to help Japanese people understand more about Vietnam War.

The six-day exhibition was organised by Japan's Asahi Newspaper with the assistance of the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan, Vietnam News Agency, the Japanese Photography Association and the Association of Japanese Professional Photographers.

It displays 148 photos taken by reporters from the Vietnam News Agency, Asahi Newspaper and many Japanese photographers present in the Vietnamese battlefields, namely Teizo Umezu, Bunyou Ishikawa, Shisei Kuwabara and Kyoichi Sawada. Many of those photos won international photo contests.

The exhibition is divided into five parts, reflecting different historical periods of the war. The photos express the war's ferocity and destructive power, but also the Vietnamese people's heroic fighting spirit and will in the struggle for national liberation and unity.

The exhibition also shows the country's changes since it began the renewal process, especially in Ho Chi Minh City.

(Source: VNA)