Celebrating ceremony of gratefulness to heroic martyrs

On the occasion of the 35th Anniversary of the Southern Liberation Day and National Reunification (30th April 1975-30th April 2010), Quang Tri Provincial Women’s Union celebrated a ceremony of gratefulness at the Truong Son National Martyrs Cemetery and No.9 National Road Martyrs Cemetery on 24th and 25th April respectively.

At the ceremony, members and women cadres of Quang Tri Women’s Union burned incense and presented flowers to more than 21.000 tombs to commemorate martyrs who devoted themselves for the independence and freedom of the country.


On this occasion, Quang Tri Provincial Women’s Union presented 200 gifts with the total value of 62 million VND to heroic mothers, martyrs’ wives and families.


The ceremony of gratefulness has brought so much moved and shown the heart and feelings of Quang Tri provincial leaders, Quang Tri Women’s Union, companies, agencies, units, organizations, individuals and people towards martyrs in Quang Tri.

Translated by Int’l Relations Dept