Ceremony on receiving panel posters by Vietnam Women’s Museum

The image of women has always been an attractive theme for all types of Vietnamese art and literature.

Over the years, the Vietnam Women’s Museum has actively collected images of women portrayed in different types of art. Panel Posters portraying Vietnamese women is also o­ne of the unique collections held by the Museum.


A nation wide competition for Panel Poster art was launched in 2005 by the

Information and Culture Bureau, Ministry of Information and Culture. The Vietnam Women’s Museum selected four panel posters portraying women painted by Nguyen Dinh Nguyen (Quang Ninh province), Nguyen Thu Thuy, Tran Duc Loi and Do Khac Hiep (Hanoi). These posters were o­n two topics, namely “75 Years Anniversary of Vietnam Communist Party’s Foundation” and “60 Years Anniversary of Vietnam People Army’s Foundation in 2005 and all four posters were granted consolation prizes.


In the spirit of New Year and with an agreement from the Information and Culture Bureau the Vietnam Women’s Museum organized a ceremony to receive panel posters. This was held o­n the 24th January 2006 where Mr. Ha Van Tang, the Director of the Information and Culture Bureau presented the winning posters to the Museum.


These posters will enrich the collection of posters of women in the Vietnam Women’s Museum.

Pham Xuan Binh - the Vietnam Women’s Museum