Choral work recognised as Vietnam record

A 100-minute choral work titled “Luc Van Tien” went on stage on September 8 in HCM City and it was immediately recognised as the longest such musical work in Vietnam.

 Directed by composer Vu Dinh An, 150 artists including nearly 40 musical instrumentalists, 50 dancers and over 50 singers practiced this work for nearly o­ne year before they brought it to the stage.


The work comprises folk songs of the southern region, especially folk songs of the southern province of Ben Tre.


Famous singer Duc Tuan played the role of Luc Van Tien and Hoai Phuong starred as Kieu Nguyet Nga.


Luc Van Tien is a 19th-century Vietnamese epic poem. Written by Nguyen Dinh Chieu (1822 - 1888), it is perhaps o­ne of the two most recognisable and influential epic poems in Vietnamese history. The other poem is Truyen Kieu, or The Tale of Kieu, written by Nguyen Du (1766 - 1820).


The poem praises the power of true love, applauds bravery and fair justice. It might be loosely comparable to Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe.


Composer Vu Dinh An said that he intends to compose other musical projects based o­n famous literary works of Vietnam, such as Chinh Phu Ngam (poem written by Dang Tran Con in 1741, telling the inmost feelings of a warrior’s wife) and Cung Oan Ngam Khuc (poem written by Nguyen Gia Thieu in the 18th century about the resentment and complaints about the lot of an imperial maid).

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