Contribute to the development of the Open Economic Zone

In the cause of industrialization and modernization, with the goal of basically turning Vietnam into a modern and industrial country by 2020 (as mentioned in the 10th National Party’s Congress), many provinces and cities have rolled out “red carpet” for investors, forming dynamic industrial zones, bringing a break-through economic developing speed for the province.

Chu Lai Open Economic Zone is an example for the development of Quang Nam province, surrounding provinces as well as the large area of the Central of Vietnam. Site clearance has always been a hot issue for a long time as it directly involves in the rights and interests of the people in the clearance and blockade lifting area. In this case, how did Women’s Union (WU) of Tam Hiep commune, Nui Thanh District has co-operated with related agencies to persuade the people in this area to aware of the long-term interests and future of the young economic zone and then agree to leave the lands even though it has strong attachment to them for many generations?


Tam Diep Commune Women’s Union realized that communication and motivation activities are crucial . They hold extended meeting of the Executive committee to thoroughly grasp the guidance of the local authorities. At the same time, WU has invited all its members to WU’s meetings in which the District WU’s staff explained and resolved women’s concerns and questions, as well as lightens their worries. To set an example for women, The District and Commune WU encourages their staff in the clearance areas to promptly move and persuade their husbands and children to seriously obey accordingly. The precept “take good person as examples, take good women as typical character” has been carried out thoroughly by the members of the Executive Committee. Good examples as mother Luoc, mother Khoai, mother Sung and many other sisters have contributes to the change of the local people’s awareness into action.


With concrete and practical methods, Tam Hiep Commune Women’s Union has contributed to the effort of the local Party Committee and authorities to resolve and overcome difficulties and constraints and achievedhigh agreement in the implementation of site clearance, created good basis for the development of Open Economic Zone. In 6 years, Tam Hiep has made the site clearance of 371, 98 hectare with 2.390 households, of which there are 550 households were totally cleared away. In future, as the Open Economic Zone is being further invested and developed, more households will be lifted away. With concluded practical experiences, Women’s Union Executive Committee defined that there are lots of important tasks for WU to carry out, including: support in vocational training, employment resolve for the surplus labour, establish economic development clubs, restore traditional trade villages, enlarge types of services, develop capital sources for women to approach loan for production development… 


Do Hoa – Information Center
Translated by the International Relations Dept