Dreaming for a better future

Wish Band will perform Hay Biet Uoc Mo (let's cherish dreams) as the theme of next week's "Colors of Music" concert at Nguyen Du Stadium in HCM City's District 1.

The band's young women singers Phuong Anh, Luu Huong Giang, Vuong Dung and Ngoc Anh will also stage Nguoi Ve Tu Long Dat (the person who returns from the earth's womb) at the concert o­n Monday night.

The show, which is part of the "Colors of Music" series produced by television stations and Cat Tien Sa Co., aims to encourage especially young people to follow their dream.

Luu Huong Giang will also sing alone, putting o­n Thu Tinh Yeu (autumn of love), while singers Hoang Le Vy and Ho Ngoc Ha will perform their favorites.

The concert's other ballads include Thanh Pho Mien Quan Ho (city in Quan Ho region), Giot Suong Va Chiec La (a dew drop and a leaf), Buc Thu Tinh Dau Tien (first love letter), Chi Mot Minh Anh (only me), Nhu La Hen Uoc (like a promise) and Hoang Vang (loneliness).

An hour before the start of the concert, some of the performers will chat with their fans and give out pictures and albums in the foyer of the stadium.

On sale in the foyer will be the albums of such popular tracks as Hay Biet Uoc Mo, Khat (thirst), Nua Dem Ngoai Pho (midnight in the street), Tro Ve (comeback), Yeu Trong Anh Sang (love in the light) and Gap Go Cao Nguyen (meeting in the Central Highlands).

The concert at the stadium at 116 Nguyen Du Street will also be broadcast live o­n the channels of television stations in Can Tho, Da Nang, Ha Tay, Hai Phong, HCM City, Hue, Khanh Hoa and Quang Ninh.

Source: STD