Fashion Models Club Together

Viet Nam’s fashion models have gained permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs to form a national association.

On Thursday, the association’s founders outlined their charter and responsibilities, o­ne of which is to make sure that members get access to useful information and training so that they can keep up with their colleagues abroad.


Another benefit of the new club is that the stars of the catwalk will have some protection against the gossip, false rumors and innuendo that are part and parcel of the fashion industry.


Top model Xuan Lan was thrilled by the news. “The fact of the association’s founding is a cause for rejoicing among Viet Nam’s models as it recognizes modeling as a legitimate career. And it will help us make a bigger contribution to the nation,” she said.


Viet Nam now has 500 professional models and 16 modeling schools and agencies, according to the Ministry of Culture and Information, which will oversee the new association and its operations.

Source: TN - Translated by SGGP