French Jazz Diva Comes to Ha Noi

Isabelle de Valvert of France is performing her unique brand of jazz at Le Club in the Sofitel Metropole Ha Noi every evening from Oct. 3 to the end of November.

This is de Valvert’s first time in the nation’s capital, a city she intends to discover fully and learn more about. Though she’s just arrived, she already finds Vietnamese people to be hospitable and friendly.

Her musical interests extend beyond jazz; she has quite a penchant for pop, rock and R&B. A songwriter and composer herself, she has the ability to entertain in six languages, including Italian, English, Brazilian and Spanish, as well as her native tongue.

Isabelle de Valvert was born into a musical family. Her father, a big band leader, songwriter and composer, was a famous saxophonist in France and her mother a singer.

Her frequent touring has taken her to dozens of countries. These days she spends at least six months of the year o­n the road.