Hanoi works to reduce gender imbalance at birth

Hanoi has set a goal this year to limit the imbalance of the sex ratio at birth and keep the rate at 113 girls per 100 boys.
According to the municipal Department, local family planning work is facing difficulties due to the city’s large population and area.

In 2018, the capital recorded the birth of 117,784 babies, representing a rate of 15.13 births per 1,000, an annual decrease of 0.17 per thousand. Meanwhile, the sex ratio at birth was 113 boys per 100 girls.

The city said this year, it will continue implementing its project o­n screening tests before and during pregnancy to boost population quality. Communications campaigns to raise public awareness o­n caring for children’s physical development via exercises and nutrition are also important.

Statistics show that sex imbalances at birth in Vietnam increased from 107 boys per 100 girls in 1999 to 110.5 in 2009, 113.8 in 2013 and 112.2 at present. The imbalances are increasing and spreading nationwide.

Up to 55 out of 63 cities and provinces have sex ratio at birth exceeding 108 boys per 100 girls, including Hanoi.

Sex imbalances at birth in Vietnam are mainly caused by the longstanding preference of males over females. Besides, people have easier access to affordable sex determination and sex selection technology, which allow couples to pursue their desire for sons.

As such, Vietnam is expected to lack 2.3 to 4.3 million women by 2050 if no prompt interventions are taken.-VNA