Ho Chi Minh City Women’s Union gift to service men in the Spratly

The first training in 2006 for the new recruits of brigade No.146 in charge of Truong Sa (Spratly Islands) ended on May 15, 2006 with eighty one of them volunteering to serve in Spratly Islands after the training course.

Colonel Nguyen Ba Ngoc - Chief of Spratly Bridge No. 146 was pleased with the enthusiasm of the young soldiers who didn’t show a single sign of discouragement.


Attending the ceremony, Mrs. Truong Thi Anh, President of HCMC Women’s Union said, “Listening to the oath of the new recruits and having been informed about the training results, we have great confidence in and are proud of the Bridge officers and solders.”


At the ceremony, Mrs. Truong Thi Anh o­n behalf of the HCMC Women’s Union presented the solders with 5 digital karaoke recorders. These were contributed by staff members of the Women’s Union’s Cultural House over the past month since Spratly visit by Mrs. Truong Thi Anh and the Cultural House director Mrs. Truong Thi Minh Quyen. Mrs. Truong Thi Anh reaffirmed with the Brigade the HCMC Women’s Union’s continuing movement of supporting Spratly Islands

Nghi Anh – HCMC Women Newspaper
Translated by VWU Int’l Relations Dept.