Jobs created for 60,000 rural workers

In the first half of 2010, provinces in the Mekong River Delta have generated jobs for 60,000 rural workers, including 17,000 ethnic people.

However, 19 percent of the rural labour force remains unemployed.

To achieve this result, provinces have established labour exchange markets in districts and communes and expanded the network of job centres and information about the labour market.

They funded local people with VND10 billion to attend vocational training courses and increased the preferential credit loans for workers in rural areas and disadvantaged and ethnic households to give them a chance to work overseas.

The provinces also invested VND25 billion to increase the number of training centres to more than 160. The number of private training centres has risen from 102 in 2006 to 124 this year.

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs also helped the provinces train thousands of job trainers and mobilise qualified engineers and workers from enterprises and craft villages to train 30,000 local people.