Luu Thi Thanh voted Athlete of the Year 2006

Sepak takraw player Luu Thi Thanh, who won two gold medal and one silver medal at the 15th Asian Games was voted as the Vietnamese Athlete of the Year in 2006 with a total of 1,378 points. Her coach Ha Tung Lap was the Coach of the Year in 2006. No footballers were in the top ten athletes in 2006, reported Vnexpress.

The vote for the Vietnamese Athlete of the Year in 2006 was conducted in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang at the same time. The results were announced o­n December 30.

With two gold and o­ne silver medal, Luu Thi Thanh ranked top with 1,378 points. Talking about her future plans with Vnexpress, Thanh said: "Finally, after more than a decade of great efforts, I recorded great achievements. 2006 was unforgettable in my life. I will take a rest for two years to have a baby and will resume training and international competitions in 2009".

Having made great efforts for 13 years of training and competitions, Luu Thi Thanh and her teammates have reached the top in the world for the first time in 2006. Thanh and her teammates toppled world sepak takraw powerhouse, Thailand, to win two gold and o­ne silver medal at the 15th Asian Games.

Karateist Vu Thi Nguyet Anh, who won the third gold medal for Vietnam in women’s under-48 kilogram kumite (fight) at the Asian Games, was second to Luu Thi Thanh, with a total of 1,169 points.

Contributing to the sepak takraw team’s great victory in Doha, Qatar, coach Ha Tung Lap was voted as Coach of the Year in 2006 with a total of 700 points, while karatedo coach Le Cong finished runner-up with 125 points less.

 Ảnh minh họa 
 Vu Thi Nguyet Anh and her coach Le Cong at the Asian Games. Photo: Vnexpress.

No footballers were in the top ten athletes in 2006, despite three players Nguyen Minh Phuong, Le Cong Vinh and Dao Thi Mien were among the nominees.

Two hundred and two sport reporters and experts joined the vote organised by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Party Central Commission for Culture and Ideology, the Fund for Talent Support and Vietnam Sports newspaper.

10 outstanding athletes in 2006:

1. Luu Thi Thanh (sepak takraw): 1,378 points
2. Vi Thi Nguyet Anh (karatedo): 1,169 points
3. Hoang Anh Tuan (weightlifting): 922 points
4. Nguyen Thi Hai Thao (sepak takraw): 866 points
5. Nguyen Hoang Ngan (karatedo): 666 points
6. Nguyen Tien Minh (badminton): 540 points
7. Truong Thanh Hang (track and field): 485 points
8. Duong Anh Vu (billiards and snooker): 343 points
9. Hoang Ha Giang (taekwondo): 317 points
10. Dao Thien Hai (chess): 310 points

5 outstanding coaches:

1. Ha Tung Lap (sepak takraw): 700 points
2. Le Cong (karatedo): 575 points
3. Pham Quoc Trong (karatedo): 222 points
4. Nguyen The Huy (badminton): 131 points
5. Nguyen Viet Hoa (billiards and snooker): 123 points

8 outstanding disabled athletes:

1. Dao Van Cuong (swimming): 1136 points
2. Vo Huynh Anh Khoa (swimming): 1072 points
3. Nguyen Van Hong (track and field): 497 points
4. Vu Thi Kim Thuy (swimming): 478 points
5. Nguyen Dinh Huong (track and field): 383 points
6. Dang Van Cong (swimming): 363 points
7. Quan The Nhien (track and field): 281 points
8. Tuyet Loan (weightlifting): 255 points.

4 outstanding coaches of disabled sports:

1. Ngo Anh Tuan (track and field): 576 points
2. Dang Van Phuc (track and field): 414 points
3. Dong Quoc Cuong (swimming): 342 points
4. Nguyen Thi Hong Van (swimming): 204 points

Nhan Dan