Message of congratulation to the VIII national women’s congress of Cuban women’s Union

from Vietnam Women’s Union

Dear Comrades,


On the occasion that Cuban Women’s Union will hold the VIII National Women’s Congress from 7th to 8th March 2009, the Vietnam Women’s Union would like to convey to you our warmest congratulations and the best wishes to the success of the Congress.


Experiencing together o­n various challenges through war-times, embargo and disasters, we are, two organizations always side by side not o­nly to support each other overcoming all difficulties, but also sharing the experiences o­n our achievements in assisting women in development. The Vietnam Women’s Union would like to take this significant event to confirm our faithful solidarity and support to the Cause of National Defense and Construction of the Cuban people and women.


May the solidarity, friendship and cooperation between our two organizations as well as between women of the two countries Vietnam and Cuba will be everflourishing and sustainable in coming years.


Again, congratulation and best wishes to you!


With warm regards,


For the Vietnam Women’s Union


Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa