Miss Vietnam leaves for World Pageant in Poland

The freshly-crowned Miss Vietnam Mai Phuong Thuy on September 4 left for Poland to participate in the world beauty pageant.

Miss Vietnam 2006, an 18-year-old girl from Hanoi, has been recently admitted to the Hanoi Foreign Trade University. She is Vietnam's tallest beauty queen ever, at 1.79 metres, and is fluent in English.

Besides 50 outfits for the pageant, Thuy took along a painstakingly crafted sand painting weighing seven kilos for the charity auction and a pot of cactus, symbolizing the Vietnamese people’s will and ability, for the day of planting at Garden World.

Thuy is confident of performing well in the Miss Talent quest, for which she will do a traditional dance of Vietnam that she has practiced to perfection.

She’s also happy with her English and feels she will be able to communicate what she means in the Q&A segment.

At the moment, the 100-plus young women hoping to be the 2006 Miss World are touring Poland and vying for the minor titles of Miss Beach Beauty, Talent, Sport, and Beauty with a Purpose in the lead-up to the final night o­n Saturday 30th September.

To vote for Mai Phuong Thuy, go to www.missworld.tv and enter her code: MW 117.