Mottainai Fund for disadvantaged children receives warm response

Mottainai - a charity programme launched by Phu nu Viet Nam (Vietnam’s Women) newspaper to support orphans and disadvantaged children - has received donations of 350 million VND (14,700 USD) and 2,000 items of used clothes within just ten days, the newspaper said on August 22.
Representatives from agencies at the launching ceremony of the chairty programme Mottainai this year. (Photo: VNA)

The newspaper has organised the campaign annually since 2013, raising funds for charity purpose via the sale and exchange of used goods.

Mottainai, which is a Japanese term conveying a sense of regret over waste, aims to raise public awareness about recycling and traffic safety, and calls for support from the community for disadvantaged children, especially orphans and those suffering from traffic accidents.

In 2023, the programme aims to support more than 280 orphans and children affected by traffic accidents and COVID-19 across the country, and those in ten orphanages in provinces and cities.

This year, the organiser receives used clothes at the showrooms and outlets of the fashion brand Aristino nationwide. The clothes will be selected, cleaned and given to people in difficult circumstances in all provinces and cities.

For each product sold in the campaign, Aristino donates 10,000 VND to the Mottainai fund. At the same time, this fashion brand will also contribute an additional 100 million VND to the fund when the message "Wear.Care.Share – Chuan phong cach. Chat yeu thuong" with hashtag #ARISTINO10 achieves 10,000 shares on social networks.

The activity with Aristino’s sponsor will last until the end of September 3, but the Mottainai Fund will continue to receive donations until December 2023.

In the last nine editions, Mottainai attracted more than 500,000 participants, and supported nearly 5,000 disadvantaged children. It is highly appreciated by the Japanese Embassy, winning the "Innovative Women of 2017" Award.