Nationwide Television film Festival on “Crime and Social Evil Prevention”

On July 5 and 6, 2006, the Nationwide Television Film Festival called “Crime and Social Evil Prevention” took place. This event was jointly organized by the Ministry of Public Security and the Vietnam Women’s Union reflecting the 4 years cooperation of the two institutions in accordance to the jointly signed Resolution # 01/NQ-TW on May 8, 2002.


At the Festival 38 television reports of 36 delegations of Police, provincial and city Women’s Unions were presented.


Taking part in the Festival was Mme Ha Thi Khiet – member of the Party’s Central Committee, President of the Vietnam Women’s Union and President of the National Committee for the Advancement of Women in Vietnam, Major-general Tran Dai Quang – member of the Party’s Central Committee and Vice Minister of Public Security.


Each film lasted 15 minutes and reflected the spotlight of mass movement of national security defense; the examples of policemen’s self-sacrifice; devoted Union’s cadres. It was an occasion for delegations to exchange and share experiences, praise and multiply models of police force and Women’s Union in crime and social evil prevention from families.


Making a speech at the Festival, Mme Ha Thi Khiet praised and congratulated all contestants. She emphasized the following points: These films affirm the role and responsibility of each person, organization and the whole society as well, especially the role of the family in crime and social evil prevention. Therefore, it is necessary to manage and educate children not to commit a crime and social evil. She expected that after the Festival, the organization board would choose typical films to edit into nationwide communication materials contributing to successful implementation of the Resolution of the Party, National program o­n crime prevention of the Government by 2010 and the Joint Resolution # 01 o­n “Managing and educating children not to commit a crime and social evil”.



Translated by International Relations Dept.
Information Center