Official candidates for 14th NA election: 38.97% are women

On 26 April, the National Election Council (NEC) announced the list of official candidates for the 14th National Assembly (NA) election.

Accordingly, 870 official candidates nationwide will stand in 184 constituencies for 500 seats in the NA. Among the candidates, there are 339 women, accounting for 38.97%; 204 from ethnic minority groups making 23.45%; 268 aged under 40 - 30.8%; 97 non-Party members - 11.15%; and 11 self-nominees.


At the press conference, General Secretary of the National Assembly Office and Chief of the NEC Nguyen Hanh Phuc said the rate of female and ethnic minority candidates for this election witnessed a rise compared to that of the previous o­nes. He hoped that the rate would keep rising as a result of the attention paid by all sectors and levels to promoting female and ethnic minority candidates and the many trainings organized for them, particularly o­n action plan development.