Overseas singers get warm welcome home in Vietnam

The trend of overseas Vietnamese singers returning home to perform is on the rise, and no one is happier than local audiences, who have welcomed the influx with open arms.

“We were taken by surprise by overseas singers’ enthusiasm and attitude,” a show director said, adding they all took rehearsing and performing very seriously, not matter the size of the venue or audience.


Tuan Ngoc’s first live show, scheduled for early next month, did not have enough tickets to go round.


Pop icon Lynda Trang Dai, who made it to Thanh Nien’s 15th Charming Vietnam music show last year-end, and Phi Nhung also planned to put o­n their own live shows in Ho Chi Minh City next June and August.


Established singers including Elvis Phuong, Giao Linh, Son Tuyen, Duc Huy, Duy Quang and Huong Lan are also planning trips home to Vietnam to perform in the months to come, Thu Dung, director of the local Rang Dong Audio Center told Thanh Nien.


Younger performers such as Truong Vu and Tommy Ngo are also set to join the homeward trend as well, she added.


Small shows


Overseas performers are not o­nly performing in major halls, but are taking the opportunity to play the smaller, more intimate venues as well for the exposure.


Under partnership with Rang Dong, overseas performers have put o­n great shows at the 126 and Trong Dong stages in HCMC’s districts 3 and 1 over the last two months.


“I want to give my best for local fans, especially the everyday people,” Lynda Trang Dai said.

“They were so enthusiastic and supportive, which inspired me even more,” she added.


Several said they would tell other overseas singers about the keen support they received from home fans to encourage more of their counterparts to make it back home.

Thanh Nien Newspaper