Pop star heads for Beijing festival

Pop singer Vuong Dung has been chosen to represent Vietnam at the International Pop Festival in Beijing, China.

Vuong Dung has become well known among Vietnamese pop lovers after winning the Sao Mai Award in 2005. Since then she has released two CDs.

As another cookie cutter queen of treacle pop, Dung’s biggest hit has been “Thanh Pho Mien Quan Ho” (The city in Quan ho area).

But at the competition Dung will perform the song “Trai Cam Mat Troi” (The orange sun). Talking to the press about why she didn’t choose her hit, Dung said that “Trai Cam Mat Troi” has a gentler melody, which would make it easier for foreign audiences to accept. 

Dung is preparing for the festival, which will be held in late August.