Some activities of Vietnam Women Museum on March 8

On March 8, the Vietnam Women’s Museum and UNESCO’s Center for preserving Vietnamese antiques organized an exhibition on "Jewelry of Vietnamese Women - from Tradition to Modern".

A culturally significant collection was displayed, with 1.000 unique items shown that belonged to women from different historical periods since the Phung Hung and Dong Son culture.


On this occasion, the Vietnam Women’s Museum in collaboration with the Hanoi Fine Arts University, the Hanoi Open University displayed jewelry items designed by students who received high scores in exams and contests and was awarded prizes. The Women Museum will award a prize to the student whose designed set of jewelry gets the highest evaluation by visitors.


Mobile exhibition activities in Quang Tri Province: The Vietnam Women’s Museum, Quang Tri Province Women's Union and Huong Hoa District Women's Union organized an exhibition titled "President Ho Chi Minh with the cause of Quang Tri Women Liberation in the American Resistance War". More than 200 documents and photos showing the cause of Quang Tri women’s liberation of President Ho Chi Minh were displayed.


In Ho Chi Minh city: the Vietnam Women’s Museum and Nam Bo Women Museum organized an exhibition o­n Japanese traditional dolls brought to Vietnam and displayed by Japan's Kunei and Schei Doll.

Vietnam Women’s Museum