Training on project management for the staff of the Vietnam Women’s Union

In February 2006, over 100 W.U leaders and staff experts from 30 provinces received training on project management.

The training was titled “Support for development of institutional regional management in Vietnam” and took place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The project was a joint initiative by the Vietnamese and Canadian governments and aimed to improve the management and leadership skills of Central, provincial/municipal WU staff to better design and manage projects. Trainers were professors from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada.


During 1 week, trainees were provided with basic knowledge and skills o­n project management, such as: project formulation steps, project management and planning, project feasibility evaluation (advantages/disadvantages, risks, inputs and results/output to name a few), equipment and financial management, monitoring, supervising and evaluation. A participatory-based methodology was used.


This is o­ne of the many different activities implemented by the WU to achieve the project objective to improve capacity of WU staff, especially for staff leaders at different WU levels. This improved capacity will help to meet the practical demands of project management.


Minh Thu, Personnel Department Translated by International Relations Department