Vietnam’s culture night in South Africa wows audience

Vietnamese artists performed a “wonderful show” to audience attending the Vietnamese culture night in Pretoria, South Africa, on the night of November 11.

"It was so marvelous," said Chilean Ambassador to South Africa Claudi Herrera at the end

of the show, which saw the participation of about 300 guests.


The night began with an ‘ao dai’ (traditional dress) show. The audience could not help but marvel when seeing the models dressed in ao dai.


"It is the most impressive traditional costume that I've seen," exclaimed Isabela, a student of the Pretoria University. The dress is not o­nly charming, but highlights the beauty of Asian women, she added.


Following the fashion show was a performance of traditional musical instruments, including the dan bau (monochord musical instrument), dan thap luc (the sixteen-string zither), the bamboo flute, and other bamboo instruments.


The mixed South African and foreign audience gave big applause after each performance, and expressed full admiration for the wonderful pieces of music performed by Vietnamese artists with their "simple" instrument.


The Chilean Ambassador congratulated Vietnamese Ambassador to South Africa Tran Duy Thi for the success of the night. Vietnam is not o­nly known for its heroism but also for its people's hospitality and cheerfulness, he added.


Ambassador Thi said the event, jointly organised by the Vietnamese Embassy in South Africa and the Ministry of Culture and Information, helped South African and foreign friends have a deeper understanding about the Vietnamese culture and people. He also said that similar events will be held in other provinces and cities of the country.