Vietnam spends over US $24 million on HIV/AIDS control

The fight against HIV/AIDS in Vietnam has absorbed US $24.06 million of public fund over the 2001-05 period, said Deputy Finance Minister Huynh Thi Nhan.

The money, coming from both the State and provincial budgets, has covered all aspects of the fight ranging from public education o­n the deadly disease's risks to medical treatment and consultation for HIV carriers.

For the period from 2001-2007, the Government has also received US $185 million in aid for the fight from international agencies, foreign Governments and non-Governmental organisations, Nhan said.

As a result, the country began curbing the increase in the number of HIV/AIDS patients and mitigated the epidemic's impact o­n the society, especially children.

She was committed to proper State budget allocations for the national action plan o­n HIV/AIDS control up to 2010 and the Vision 2020 strategy in order to speed up the fight, focusing o­n children.

 Efforts will be made to mobilise the entire society and domestic communities to take care of disadvantaged children, especially HIV-infected or HIV/AIDS-affected children, Nhan said.

"Vietnam is looking for stronger financial support from the international community for the fight against HIV/AIDS," said the financial executive.

Vietnam News Agency