Vietnamese opera welcomed in France

The opera ‘Drought and Rain,’ Part Two, by choreographer Ea Sola Thuy, a French woman of Vietnamese origin, won the applause of ballet lovers in France when it was performed recently at the Paris Opera House in November.

Ten years ago, Ea Sola Thuy toured 14 European countries with a troupe of rural ladies aged 50 to 70 years old from Vietnam’s northern Thai Binh and Nam Ha provinces to perform the contemporary dance ‘Drought and Rain,’ Part o­ne.

For “Drought and Rain,” Part Two, instead of rural ladies from Thai Binh province, the choreographer has worked with 12 young dancers from the Vietnam Opera and Ballet Theatre. The theme of the piece is still war, but this time seen through the eyes of the young, who o­nly know the war through stories and documentaries.

Having experienced pressures from new and strange features, the contemporary dances of Ea Sola Thuy have crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the US, like peaceful ambassadors. Many prestigious newspapers have run articles praising Thuy and her 14 rural ladies.

She and her dancers have performed the ‘Drought and Rain’, Part two in the Netherlands, France and the US before coming to the Southeast Asia. She is thinking of staging a work o­n Ho Chi Minh. She said “Uncle Ho had many names, from Nguyen Sinh Cung – Nguyen Tat Thanh, Mr Ba, Nguyen Ai Quoc and Ho Chi Minh, every name is beautiful and meaningful like his deeds.”

‘Drought and Rain’ Part Two will be introduced at the Hanoi Opera House in about o­ne month’s time.