Vietnamese pop singer impresses Japanese audiences

As reported the Vietnamese pop singer Doan Trang has attended the Hattori Memorial Music Festival 2006 in Osaka Japan. The festival closed on October 4.

On September 29 Trang had a press conference for the Japanese press. Trang and many singers from other Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Korea, as well as the host country had the chance to practice together.


One day later o­n September 30, Trang and other guest singers performed in the final competition themed Street Grand Prix 2006 organised by the Ryoichi Hattori Music Association in Osaka. The competition was aimed at discovering new musical talents. All singers performed their own songs and played music o­n their own.


On October 1 Trang sang three songs she had selected to perform at the festival including Chocolate, Bang khuang (Melancholy) and Ngau hung song Hong (Inspirations of the Red River).


With such a lively performance Trang received many offers for future cooperation. Mr Misachi, music director of the Ryoichi Hattori Music Association said, “I was impressed o­n how this little girl performed. She possesses such a beautiful voice  and special performing style. Even though I did not understand Vietnamese, through what Trang brought here, I have come to understand Vietnam’s contemporary music. In my view Trang can be compared with Utada Kitaru, a famous Japanese singer. I hope in the future we can find an opportunity to work together to introduce Vietnamese music to Japan.”


After the festival closed Trang went o­n a trip to visit several cities in Japan such as Kyoto, Kobe and Tokyo. New photos will be taken to prepare for her next musical project.

Tuoi Tre