Vietnamese pop star My Linh to participate in Japan music fest

Pop star My Linh and two other Vietnamese musicians will perform at the Asian Divas’ night in Japan next month.

Linh graduated from the Hanoi Institute of Music and has won many prizes like the Asian Golden Voice award (1998) and first prize at the Hanoi Good Voice contest (1995).

She is the o­nly Vietnamese singer to be invited to the Japanese event where she will perform some Vietnamese songs and o­ne Japanese song. The other two, Anh Quan and Huy Tuan, will perform o­n instruments.

Linh went to Japan o­n July 31 for voice recording, image recording, and interviews and will return there for the festival o­n August 17.

Besides her lovely voice, her traditional Vietnamese costume aodai, good communication skills, and fluent English also reportedly impressed the Japanese.