Vietnamese women: solidarity, creativeness, equality and development

On October 2, the tenth National Women’s Congress is held at the time when the entire Party, armed forces and people are making great efforts to successfully implement the tenth Party Congress’s resolution so as to early lift the country out of underdevelopment.

Being a political and social organisation established in 1930, the Vietnam Women’s Union received regular attention from the Party and President Ho Chi Minh. The union has always promoted the role and undaunted spirit of Vietnamese women who sacrificed their lives for national independence and freedom. Vietnamese women’s tradition and dignity has been promoted through a thousand-year history and are reflected through the eight golden words of “heroism, undauntedness, loyalty and responsibilities” presented by Uncle Ho.

The union and women’s role-model movements have experienced 77 years of glorious development. In any revolutionary period, the union has always played an active role in developing unity among women, encouraging women to promote their potential creative ability and contribute to national construction and defence for the target of a prosperous people, a strong country and an equitable, democratic and civilised society as well as women’s gender equality and advancement. Different levels of the union have made continuous efforts to improve operations, care for members’ rights and implement the Party and State’s guidelines and policies o­n women.

The Party and State have always paid attention to the activities in favour of women and to the implementation of gender equality. In the renovation process, pro-women activities and gender equality have been clearly reflected through the Party Congresses’ resolutions together with resolutions and instructions issued by the Party Central Committee, Politburo and Party Secretariat. The State has adopted many policies, creating favourable conditions for women to develop and promote gender equality. The women’s role-models movements and gender equality work have seen many achievements. Women nationwide have made significant contributions in the fields of politics, economics, culture, social affairs, security and national defence. The fact has shown that awareness toward gender equality has been raised and women have attained a higher role in society and families. Due to these factors, the United Nations considers gender equality in Vietnam as a shining example in implementing the Millennium Development Goals.

However, there remain some limitations in the work o­n women due to the increasing requirements of national industrialisation and modernisation as well as international economic integration. Women are facing more difficulties in realising their role as a mother as the society and families in Vietnam are changing rapidly. The activities and policies in support of women have yet to meet the new requirements while local authorities have not been fully aware of the importance of gender equality as well as women’s role and abilities.

In order to expand women’s role-model movements, authorities together with ministries and sectors at different levels should make closer co-ordination, thus creating favourable conditions for women to help them contribute further to national development and defence. All levels of the Vietnam Women’s Union need to encourage women to promote patriotic spirit and valuable virtues and play a greater role in society.

The congress will be marked with success, thus helping to implement the “unity, creativeness, equality and development” target and contributing to national industrialisation and modernisation.