Vocational Training Center of Bac Kan Women’s Union: 37 Trainings Attracting Nearly 1,000 Women’s Trainees

Due to a training needs survey/assessment of females in 17 communes of 8 districts and towns in 2005, the Vocational training center of Bac Kan Women’s Union has intensified its vocational training activities.

 Some of these are the organization of 37 courses o­n preliminary preservation of agricultural products, rattan and bamboo weaving for export, cooking skills, industrial and civil sewing, embroidery for export attracting nearly 1,000 women’s trainees.


Many trainees are interested in the several vocational training areas like: training o­n agricultural techniques, preliminary preservation of agricultural products after harvesting (12 courses for 327 trainees of 9 communes/wards); training o­n rattan and bamboo weaving for export (6 courses for 168 trainees coming from Na Ri, Cho Moi and Ba Be district); training o­n cooking skills (5 courses for 185 trainees). Particularly, 4 courses o­n industrial and civil sewing were organized for 128 women’s members’ children. After the training, the trainees have put the knowledge they gained into practice and earned a living for their families in which nearly 100 trainees were introduced to the Center with Jobs in Bac Kan Textile/ Garment Company and some other manufacturing establishments.


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Translated by VWU Int’l Relations Dept.