VWU active role in army conscript

During 2023 army enlistment season, the Women's Unions at all levels have brought into full play their role, encouraging young people to enlist in the army.
Women of Long Hai commune, Binh Thuan province giving gifts to new conscripts in 2023

The local Women's Unions have conducted broadly communication among women and the families having members in the couscript age. The communication focus on the Military Service Law and the importance of young people’s voluntary enlistment for national defense.

Long My District Women's Union, Hau Giang province visiting and giving sticky-rice cakes to new conscripts


The local Women's Unions have also joined hands with other agencies and mass organizations to organize meetings and visits to give souvenirs to and boosted up the morale of new conscripts. With these practical activities, the Women's Unions at all levels have reaffirmed their role and contribution to the conscript task of their localities.

Quang Ngai Women's Union giving gifts to a new conscript

Translated by Int’l Relations Dept.