VWU and staff supported 3 provinces to suffer severe losses in Storm No. 1 (Chanchu Storm)

The Presidium of VWU decided to support 3 provinces: Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, 10 million VND for each province. VWU’s cadres also had donated 16 million VND, helping in time to people in distress area to overcome natural disaster’s affection, stable their lives.



 Seeing the ravage, severe losses of men and equipment caused by the No 1 storm for 3 provinces in central area, o­n 22nd of May 2006, the VWU Presidium sent a letter to cadres, members and women sharing their heart-break, losses and deep sympathy with families in the disaster area.


The presidium kindly requested women all levels of the union in 3 provinces acting quickly to promote their tradition to protect and help o­ne another in time of distress, to encourage and visit families in disaster area with concrete and practical works.


The Presidium also expressed desires and believe in these families as well as cadres, members women in these provinces overcome their heart-break and losses, quickly stable their lives, continue to strive doing well provincial political tasks and tasks of the women’s movement in 2006.


In order to help 3 provinces Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, surmounting difficulties caused by the storm, at the same time the Presidium decided to support 10 million VND to each province.


In the afternoon May 22nd, 2006, VWU’s Trade Union body collected donation in support to victims. Each person supports o­ne day salary. In the first collection day, almost cadres in every departments, units belong to VWU actively mobilized an amount of money of 16 million VND. This money was transferred to the Vietnam Fatherland Front, timely helping people overcome natural disaster’s consequences, settled their lives.

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Translated by Int’l Relations Department