Women intellectuals--vital force in building nation

Vietnamese Women Intellectuals in the National Industrialisation and Modernisation Process’ was high on the agenda of a workshop in Hanoi on March 16.

Politburo member and permanent member of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee’s Secretariat Truong Tan Sang took the occasion to highlight the achievements and great contributions by all Vietnamese women, especially the intellectuals—those who are academics, experts, and others, whose role it is to create and apply knowledge and ideas in the cause of the nation’s construction and defence.

The Party has affirmed that women in general, and women intellectuals in particular, are an important force that has contributed to the revolution’s success, said Sang, emphasising the attention the Party has paid to the role of women, as well as to building an intellectual staff.

He went o­n to confirm that the Party and State will continue such efforts and supplement policies to encourage Vietnamese women in general and women intellectuals in particular to make further contributions to women’s equality and join with their countrymen and women at all levels to implement the target of a wealthy people, a strong country and an equal, democratic and civilised society.

Vietnamese women intellectuals are involved in all fields, mainly the education and training sector, with 53.2%, Vietnam Women’s Union President Nguyen Thi Hoa cited the union report.

Most women scientists demonstrate a special enthusiasm for training work, she said, noting that Vietnamese women, particularly women intellectuals, are worthy representatives within publicly-elected bodies, State management agencies and socio-political organisations.

The workshop heard nearly 30 speeches o­n the State’s policies o­n women and women intellectuals, their role and responsibilities in science and technology as well as management and settlement of social issues.

Many suggestions were put forward to encourage an expanded role for women intellectuals in the country’s renewal process.

The participants also discussed causes and solutions to increase the number of women intellectuals, and amend and finalise the legal system to facilitate their further contributions to the nation.