Women’s Union leader receives Cambodian Deputy PM

The Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) on November 3 received Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam On, who is also President of the Cambodian Women for Peace and Development Association (CWPD), President of the Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians' Group and President of the Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Association.


VWU Chairwoman, Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa briefed the Cambodian guest o­n the Vietnamese women’s movement for gender equality, poverty reduction and women’s progress. Mrs Hoa emphasised that with great support from the Party and State the women’s progress movement has achieved significant results and the number of women in the National Assembly and people’s councils at all levels is increasing. She expressed her hope that the women’s associations from the two countries will share their experiences and help each other strengthen the ties of friendship and co-operation.

Deputy PM Men Sam o­n praised achievements that the VWU has obtained in the renewal process and thanked the Vietnamese female experts who have helped promote women’s progress in Cambodia. She revealed that Cambodia is actively implementing the agreements signed between the two associations, through the exchange of visits to border provinces. She expressed her hope that people from the two countries will continue to foster co-operation and provide mutual support.