Workshop on the Measures of Prevention of Human Trafficking

On the morning of 18th June 2010, in Hanoi, the Central Vietnam Women’s Union organized a workshop on developing the measures of prevention of human trafficking. Attending at the workshop were representatives from relating departments of the Ministry of Security, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs, High Command of Border Guard, lecturers of Police Academy, Ha Noi National University, leaders of VWU departments and experts on gender and law.

At the workshop, participants were provided with presentations and discussedon the contents of Drafting Law o­n Prevention of Human trafficking in Vietnam, overview of the measures for human trafficking prevention: the roles of organizations, individuals in human trafficking prevention, guidelines for communication and education o­n prevention and against human trafficking; measures to control activities leading to human trafficking (labour export and job introduction); State management in fighting and preventing human trafficking; supervision of activities in tourist areas that can be taken advantage of for human trafficking; necessary measures to protect victims, witness and their relatives; activities of human trafficking prevention at the borders;measures to control human trafficking relating to foreign adoption of children; measures to prevent victims being re-trafficked; measures to prevent human trafficking from gender perspective and measures to promote international cooperation in human trafficking prevention.

This workshop is such a practical activity to contribute to the development of Law o­n Prevention of Human Trafficking in Vietnam. The Project o­n Law o­n Prevention of Human Trafficking in Vietnam was led by the Ministry of Justice. The Central VWU is a member in the Drafting Committee and Edition Group. This project has been introduced into the programme for developing laws and ordinances of the XII National Assembly. Up until now, the drafting law has been revised and supplemented seven times. If the law is approved by the National Assembly, it will become an important foundation for agencies, departments and people to carry out the prevention in human trafficking effectively.


(Translated by the Int’l Relations Dept)