Young artist Quynh Giang’s woodcuts on display

Nhan Dan Online- With a simple title ‘Giang’, the name of the artist herself, Tran Quynh Giang is introducing her latest 26 woodcut sets at the L’Espace France Culture Centre.

Giang said that 26 woodcut sets, of which some sets consist of six or less prints, all follow the trend of expression blended with surrealism. With o­nly two colours, the colour of wood and black, most of works o­n display, depict a strong inner feeling of the artist herself and her friends, her relatives: a feeling of loneliness and torment in life.

Giang said o­nes of her favourite works o­n display are the six woodcut set ‘Me Boi Trong Nuoc’ (Mother Swimming in the Water) and ‘Tieu Duong’ (Diabetes). The image of fish swimming in the water, ‘Mother Swimming in the Water’ implies the hardship of mothers in present days who always have to make their efforts for both their office work and homework. ‘Diabete’ reflects a struggle for life. Giang said she likes the work as many of people she knows are suffering from this uncured disease.

 Ảnh minh họa

Born in 1978 in Hanoi and graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University in 2002, Quynh Giang specialises in oil paintings and woodcuts.

This is the third individual exhibition but the first o­n woodcuts of young artist Quynh Giang. Her first and second individual exhibition o­n oil paintings were held in 2002 and 2004. She has also joined in six group exhibitions in the country and o­ne in Hong Kong since 2001.

Giang won first prize at the fourth ‘Young Vision’ competition in 2004 which was for under 35 year old graphic artists. She also attended a three month training at the Paris Fine Arts University as a reward for the first prize winner.

The exhibition opens today and runs until May 17.