“Patron-parents” Program to support orphans due to Covid-19

In response to the call of the Vietnamese Party and State leaders on the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and VWU’s “Million gifts of love” program – providing social protection for women and children affected by COVID-19, the VWU Presidium has recently issued a plan to implement the “Patron-parents” Program to support orphans, who lost their parents due to the pandemic.
Women's Union in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City presents gifts to support an orphan due to the Covid-19 pandemic

The Program aims at mobilizing and calling on individuals, organizations and corporations to support orphans, who suffered from difficult circumtances due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Program has been initially carried out effectively and practically, ensuring children's rights in accordance with the current laws. Women’s Unions at all levels have played the role of connecting the “Patron-parents” and the orphans, supervising the policy implementation, and coordinating resource distribution, ensuring equality, and supporting the orphans to access and effectively use the resources.

The Program’s objectives are to strive for 100% of provincial and district Women's Unions, affiliated units to organize activities in accordance with the Program's criteria; 100% of local Women’s Unions in the area having orphans due to the Covid-19 to connect, accompany or directly support the orphans.

Main activities include:

- Supervising the implementation of policies related to orphans in the localities. Supporting and guiding them and their families to fully access the State's policies. Monitoring and ensuring child abuse prevention in the families and communities.

- Mobilizing sectors, organizations, and individuals domestically and internationally, WU’s staff, members, women to promote the nation's tradition of mutual support and affection to respond actively to the program.

Specific activities include:

- Caring and providing knowledge & skills:  supporting, caring for and nurturing orphans at the hospitals, orphanages and at home; providing health and psychological counseling.

- Ensuring their safety in the families and communities.

- Supporting them with vocational training after their graduation from high school.

- Providing support in cash or kinds (nutrition products, essential necessities; tuition fees, learning equipment etc.).

The Program is carried out on a voluntary basis, respecting the legal regulations on children's rights. All the support must meet the orphans’ needs and create the best conditions for orphans to be cared for and nurtured in the families and communities.

The Program is open and transparent, and there is close coordination between the WUs, local authorities and relevant agencies to well connect “patron-parents” with the orphans.


Translated by VWU International Relations Dept.