A music album in Korean by Vietnamese pop star

Vietnamese pop singer My Tam left on Oct. 9 for the Republic of Korea to begin her next music project, which could help her become an international singer.

As reported, My Tam will work with a Korean company for six weeks to prepare for her new music CD in R&B and hip-hop music styles. She spent some time to talk to the press about her trip. 

Could you tell us more about the project? 

I will cooperate with a Korean company, Nurimaru Pictures, o­n this project. When it is completed a CD consisting of 12 songs, with six to be composed by Korean musicians and the other six by Vietnamese musicians, will be introduced. 

The Korean partner will be responsible for CD production and introducing three songs which I will sing in Korean in their market. My responsibilities include having new songs recorded, studying more Korean, especially the pronunciation, improving my dancing, performing skills for DVD filming. I will also have to find a distributor for the new album in Vietnam

We discussed a lot before we decided o­n the cooperation. My partner in this project is a young person but he has about 20 years of working in the field of music. His company used to be in charge of PR, advertising for the famous Korean singer, BoA. 

I appreciate the professional way of working they have. After discussing we came to a cooperation agreement. I will work with them for six weeks in Korea

What about the CD? 

It’s all in R&B and hip hop styles. The Korean music composers and sound mixing artists have seen a lot of my performances to study what would be most suitable to my voice and my style to write and mix songs in these two music styles.

The Vietnamese songs will be written by musicians Le Quang and Vo Thien Thanh and another o­ne I composed myself. If possible, I will sing both in English and Korean for a better distribution in the international market. 

So can we say that My Tam was selected by Korean music experts or is it just simply cooperation? 

It is cooperation. We discussed a lot before we signed the contract. I will have to follow many articles stated in the contract aiming to ensure that the recording and distribution will be best done. I will select songs for the album taking into account that these songs need to satisfy both my Korean and Vietnamese fans. 

There have been many loud discussions about music projects of Vietnamese singers which were to be done in cooperation with foreign music companies, but they then fell into silence. What do you say about this project? 

I don’t want to be boastful about this project, but I can say that this is my biggest project in 2006 and I will try my best for it. If talking about the result, why don’t we wait and see? 

The album will be introduced in Korea. Do you have any plan to “attack” MTV Asia? 

I do not think I will necessarily “attack” MTV. My goal is to do the best job. After that, what comes will come. My album will be introduced in Korea, but nothing guarantees that people will know about me. I don’t want to think about something too far in the future./.