Australian girl to have Vietnamese traditional art show

After studying two types of Vietnamese traditional theatre, Tuong (Classical Drama) and Cheo (Popular Opera), Eleanor Clapham is getting ready to hold her first official show at the Hanoi Opera House on December 22.

Speaking at a press briefing in Hanoi o­n December 11, Ms Clapham from Australia, said she can perform pieces of Tuong and Cheo such as Ho Nguyet Co hoa Cao, Ngu Bien, Du Hong xuong Nui, Thi Mau len chua and Xuy Van da dai and basic dances of Tuong art like flag, bow and sword dances. She said she will continue to study Vietnamese traditional art as she wants to promote special art of Tuong and Cheo to Australian as well as foreign spectators. She said she hopes that her show will revitalize the passion of traditional art among young Vietnamese people.

Ms Clapham will also present some Australian folk songs with traditional Vietnamese musical instruments at her show.

Eleanor is the first foreigner to study Tuong and Cheo professionally. After Tuong and Cheo she will continue to study other Vietnamese traditional art forms such as Cai luong (Renovated Theatre) and Quan Ho. 

VOV News