Conference on Implementing Clean Water – 2006 Environmental Sanitation Program

In March 2006, under the direction of the Vietnam Women's Union Presidium, the Communication and Education Department organized a Conference on implementing clean water - environmental sanitation program year 2006 for the Women's Union staff at all levels of 64 provinces through out the country.

Its goal is to make a contribution to effectively implement the 2005 Environmental Protection Law that has just been approved by the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam o­n November 29th 2005 at the 8th mission (XIthNational Assembly). It will continue to implement the Resolution no 41-NQ/TW dated November 15th 2004 of the Politburo o­n increasing environmental protection in the time of national industrialization and modernization, at the same time, implementing the join resolution between the Central Vietnam Women's Union with Ministry of Resources and Environment o­n combined efforts regarding environmental protection and sustainable development.

 There were 150 VWU's core members at provincial and local levels attending the conference. The following issues were introduced and discussed; the environmental situation of Vietnam - causes and solutions; Environmental Protection Law; the State's management o­n environmental protection; implementation of the clean water's task, hygiene, and the VWU 2006 year of the environment; the effect of avian influenza to individuals health and environment. Women will take part in protecting and fighting against the avian influenza; set-up the program implementing plan year 2006 of localities and carry out the models o­n water supply and environment protection.


At the end of the seminar, the participants were unanimous about the importance of the contents discussed, especially the need for successful models of water supply, hygiene and certain locations.

VWU IEC Department
Translated by VWU Int'l Relations Department