Designer Minh Hanh to be inaugurated with the title of Knight

Designer Minh Hanh received a letter from the Minister of French Culture and Information Ministry, informing her with the good news that she has been inaugurated with the title Art and Literature Knight by French State

The title honors outstanding people who have creative ideas to do with the arts and literature or whose contributions have set off French and world culture.


It is said that in the past, Minh Hanh has made practical activities in order to tighten relations in the fashion industry between France and Vietnam, through signed programme cooperation with the French Fashion Model Institute.


There were two designers in Vietnam, rewarded with a scholarship to study in France. In addition, many professors in the French fashion field have come to Vietnam, to lecture Vietnamese students and designers o­n the fashion profession. She also received invitation to France to research fashion for two months and present a fashion show named “Dem trang” (sleepless night), made a strong impression in French./.

Translated by VWU’s Int’l Relations Department
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