Exhibition on the art of display for HIV/AIDS-infected and detoxified women

Late 15 Dec. 2006, in Hanoi, Vietnam Women’s Museum in cooperation with the Netherlands-Vietnam Medical Committee opened the Exhibition on the art of display for women in Hoa Huong Duong (Sunflower) Group who are infected with HIV/AIDS and women in Hoa Xuong Rong Group (Cactus flower) in Thai Nguyen and Hanoi. This exhibition is directed by the 2 artists from the Netherlands: Iris Honderdos and Arnon Peeters.

The exhibition which was a combination of pictures, music, light…has briefly introduced to the public, especially the youth, works of displaying art including: displaying works of 24 members in Hoa Huong Duong Group (Thai Nguyen). The main topic of this display is the assessment and preconception of society o­n HIV/AIDS; displaying works by the 15 members in Hoa Huong Duong Group (Hanoi) has defined the wish of HIV-infected mothers to be able to live longer to raise their children.


The most impressed performance is the songs composed with style of Rap music. Those songs are performed by the composers who are members of Hoa Xuong Rong Group. Through these songs, the singers would like to send a message, also an advice to the adolescent: “Stay away from drugs”.


During the exhibition, a talk show to introduce the art of displaying (15-31 Dec. 2006) was given by artist Iris Honderdos at the Vietnam Women’s Museum.

Translate by Int’ Cooperation Department