Family of the late Japanese painter, Chihiro Iwasaki, visited and offered painting to Vietnam Women’s Union

On 22th Dec, family of the late Japanese artist Chihiro Azumino visited and respectfully offered the Vietnam Women’s Union the painting “Our mother is not at home” (Me vang nha).

Female painter Chihiro Azumino was born in 1918 and passed away in 1974. When alive, she was o­ne of an active ardent protestor against the war in Vietnam. The country, people, especially the women and children of Vietnam are among passionate topics of Chihiro Azumino even though she had never come to Vietnam. The painting of sister Ut Tich, which was offered to Vietnam Women’s Union by the family of the late artist, is o­ne of many paintings she defined the the Vietnamese heroic women in the literary work “Our mother is not at home” (Me vang nha) written by Nguyen Thi.


On behalf of VWU, Vice President Nguyen Phuong Minh expressed respectful thanks to the family of late painter Chihiro Azumino for offering VWU a meaningful and valuable painting. She hoped there will be more and more people know and understand the contribution of late painter Chihiro Azumino and the Japanese people to the war of the Vietnamese people for national liberation. 



Translated by International Cooperation Dept.