Female Film Director Doan Minh Phuong Ready for “Nguyen Tieu” (Full Moon)

After the troublesome journey of the “Bride of Silence”, film director Doan Minh Phuong has had aspirations for the new film “Nguyen Tieu” (Full Moon).

It is a story about a girl named Nguyen Tieu with the peak of the film falling o­n a full moon night. The film script has won the prestigious Hubert Bals Prize of the Netherlands.


Filming is planned to take place in Hanoi and other Northern provinces this autumn. Minh Phuong loves autumn in Hanoi with its wonderful lighting, not too radiant like the light in the South. If the filming does not take place this autumn, she will have to wait until next year.


Minh Phuong said, “The film industry in Vietnam is faced with specific obstacles, but the people and the scenery is just so wonderful. I think the country is a paradise for film makers”.


The funding of the film so far has been guaranteed.  



Tien Phong Online
Translated by VWU Int’l Relations Dept.