French artist debuts in Hanoi

French artist Helen Kling is debut-ing over 40 Vietnam-inspired oil paintings in her first Hanoi exhibition entitled Vietnam, My Love.

The showing, which is scheduled to run until May 12th at the Hanoi Horision Hotel, 40 Cat Linh Street, emphasises Kling's love of Vietnam and all its ambient characteristics through dramatic light and shade effects.

Kling, who moved to HCM City in 1996 after visiting the country several times, paints realistic people with varying characteristics according to different shades and natural greens and browns.

The sunsets, hats, smiles and attention to eyes all reflect the life that Kling has made for herself in Vietnam.

"Over the years, I have been inspired by Buddhism and the everyday life of Vietnam in all its beautiful simplicity," she said.

Her years in Vietnam brought Kling in touch with things like the tones of the life-cycle, the presence of Buddha and smoke in pagodas, which she enjoys photographing as a hobby.

"I hope to express the passion that Vietnam has inspired in me. I traveled extensively throughout the north and brought more colour into my paintings for this particular exhibit," Kling said.

The painting Red River depicts change of colour perception during a sunset over the river with gold boats and flags.

Other works include Kling's impression of Sa Pa women carrying babies o­n their backs in colourful dresses.

"These women are the soul of the area," Kling said. "I couldn't paint in this country and not feature them o­n my canvas."

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